The Beauty Pack

The Beauty Pack


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1. Removedor profesional de maquillaje

Fórmula especialmente adecuada para eliminar los rastros de maquillaje sin irritar el cutis. Deja la piel suave, fresca y radiante.

2. Espuma profesional de limpieza

Remueve la suciedad y los residuos del maquillaje sin irritar la piel. Otorga  frescura y luminosidad.  Enriquecida con extractos de plantas  que mejoran el equilibrio hídrico del cutis.


3. Suero profesional para el rostro con vitaminas E & C

Este rico suero profesional restaura la flexibilidad de la piel y la protege de la sequedad. Es una formula concentrada que logra un gran efecto humectante. El cutiz queda suave, luminoso y plácido.


4. Crema profesional para los ojos

Crema de cuidados especiales para el contorno de los ojos. Protege la piel sensible, dejándola flexible, luminosa y juvenil.


5. Máscara profesional de colágeno para la noche

Esta mascara profesional de colágeno mejora la absorción de humedad, de manera que la piel cansada ahora parece revitalizada. Reduce las arrugas y líneas finas y previene la aparición de arrugas nuevas. El cutis se torna suave y elástico.


6. Suero profesional para el contorno de los ojos

Un cuidado especial pera el delicado contorno de los ojos. Enriquecido con vitaminas, recupera la piel de los efectos de la vejez y reduce las arrugas. El cutis alrededor de los ojos se torna luminoso, sedoso y juvenil.

1. Professional eye make-up remover
This professional, conditioning make up remover is specially formulated to instantly dissolve all traces of eye make-up, without irritating the skin. This formula helps to reveal smooth, fresh, radiant skin.
2. Professional Cleansing foam
This professional foam cleanser removes dirt and makeup residue without irritating the skin. It removes dead skin cells to reveal a fresh and luminous look. The foam is enriched with plant extracts for gentle cleansing and helps improve the water balance.
3. Professional Facial serum with vitamins E & C
This professional, rich serum helps to restore flexibility and protects the skin against dryness. This serum is a concentrated formula that reaches maximum moisture effect. The skin appears smooth, luminous and marvelously relaxed.
4. Professional Eye cream
A gentle, professional, special care treatment for the sensitive skin round the eyes. The formulation helps to protect and pamper the particularly thin and strained skin around the eye area. Thus, the skin appears noticeably more flexible, luminous and youthful looking
5. Professional collagen night mask
This professional collagen mask helps to increase the capacity of the skin to absorb moisture, so tired skin appears revitalized. The wrinkles and fine lines become less apparent and the skin’s protection against new wrinkles is reinforced. Leaves skin feeling luxuriously comfortable and supple.
6. Professional Eye serum
A professional, special care for the delicate skin around the eyes. Enriched with vitamins, the serum helps the skin to recover from damage which leads to skin aging. Thus, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced, and the skin around the eyes appears luminous, silky and youthful. 


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